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Why not do it again?

Shortly after midnight on Wednesday I registered to run Grandmas Marathon. Provided I finish this will be my 6th running of that event. I say provided due to the fact that I was unable to run in two of the 7 that I previously registered. A stress fracture and some toe surgery stopped me on those occasions. You will be reading about my training highs and lows in the coming weeks.

Many people say I could never run a marathon!. Guess what? Many people are wrong.

Running a marathon is not all that difficult if you have the time to train for it. The training programs that I have found are from 16 to 18 weeks long. Most programs have a person run 5 times a week and a few will have 4 runs a week. On the other days it is recommended that you do some type of cross training such as biking, swimming or aerobics. I kind of like look at the actual marathon being similar to Thanksgiving. The cook spends hours preparing a very good meal and it only takes minutes to eat it. To run a marathon a runner takes weeks to prepare for it and in a morning its over (for some a couple of hours).

I am looking forward to this years run just as much as my first and everyone after that. Sure I will be exhausted maybe even a bit sore from running a marathon but the thrill of it all trumps all. Its going to be fun.


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