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Tough to say good bye

A friend of mine is going to go away in a short period of time. That is what the doctors told him and his family just other day. He has battled cancer for about 4 years now.

As was expected the battle will soon be over. Although I am not happy about that, I will be glad that his ordeal will be done. Of course there is sadness however there is also going to be relief. My dear friend will soon go on to live in eternity.

In looking ahead I know I will have a new running partner. You see when I run, I often run with people who have given me so many good memories. I look to those who have gone before me for inspiration. I have no doubt that this friend will give me inspiration. I look forward to having him on my shoulder as I run.

My hope at this point is that the good Lord comforts him and his family. He is a good man who loved life to its fullest. He is a proud man who gave everything he had to have a happy family. Dan is a good friend and I will miss him.


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