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Nothing Like Being Alone

There are few places where one can go and find solitude in today’s world. One place I go is ice fishing. Sitting on a frozen lake in a little tent like structure is priceless in my book.

The contraption you see above is my ice shelter that keeps me protected from the elements while ice fishing. The shelter is a big tub like sled with am umbrealla tent type system attached to it. You put all your gear and stuff in the tub. When you get to your location you drill two holes through the ice, position the sled and fold over the tent. The sled has bench seats built into it and there is plenty of room for your legs. I use a heater called a sunflower type heater which will keep me warm even when the temps are below 0. The shelter works quite well and allows me to move about easily.

This is what I am looking at while sitting and waiting for the fish to bite. We are allowed to fish with two poles which can cause a problem. You see sometimes you have a bite on one line while you’re watching the other one. So you grab it and miss. As you’re grabbing the one that had the bite the other line gets a bite and now you have missed two fish. Sometimes I wonder if fish have mental telepathy and do that on purpose. Also just in case you notice the candles, they are not for ambiance, they help illuminate the bobber. Looks cozy, eh?

I kinda sorta have a TV with me also. Below you see the fish locater that I use. It may locate fish but it doesn’t make them bite which can be frustrating. If it indicates there are fish, I expect a bite. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. You see fish are just as moody as......…I better not go there. The locater does give me some diversion from staring at two holes in the ice.

Just for an idea of the landscape. When the day is done and I crawl out from my shelter a view of the winter landscape.

Come and join me some time. I’d be glad to share some of my solitude with you. All you would have to do is say “Tim? I’m cold. Could I come in and warm up?”


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