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Week 2: Two down

The second week of training for the most part went well. I determined the Mizuno shoes that I purchased would not work and returned those. I chose to give a pair of Asics Kayano’s a try. I think the Asics should be just fine after dreadmill testing them and road testing them. I upped my mileage for the week. However came up a bit short on total mileage due to today’s weather.

I started the week by giving the Mizuno’s another dreadmill test. This was an 8.2 mile treadmill run on Tuesday. There were a few issues during the run but I was still thinking they might be okay. Once I took them off, there was a serious pain issue with my right arch. We are talking 8.9 on the 10 point scale. Quite clear the shoes had to go back.

On Wednesday I took the day off to spend sometime with my favorite boys. The grandsons. We went on a field trip to the running store. Sean was excited to see there was a pair of green running shoes. Green is his favorite color. Sorry I digressed. I told the sales guy about the Mizuno’s and he said well let’s see what else I got. In looking at the shoes on clearance, I told him I was trying to save a few bucks, he found the Asics I mentioned. I tried them on and than run for about 30 seconds on the treadmill there in the store. Everything felt fine. The boys and I headed back out for lunch and home.

On Wednesday evening I went for a six miler on my old Saucony’s.

Friday was the test day for the Asics. To the health club I went. All those dreadmills staring at me and saying oh you again. I ran 4.2 while wearing the Asics and no problems. Took the shoes off and no aches, happy feet are here again. Oh yeah Happy days are too. Life was good. Saturday the new Asics and I did a very fine 10.2 miles on old Highway 210 in North Central Minnesota.

It was a nice lonely run along a rural highway. I would try to get glimpses of people who drove by me. Can only imagine what there thoughts were. I’m sure some were “what the heck is that nut doing out here running in the middle of nowhere”. While others might of thought “only a diehard would be out here this time of year”. I would have to say they were both right. Yes I would agree that I am a little nuts to run as a hobby and yes one has to be a bit of a diehard to run during a MN winter. In any case the lone runner made it. Hi Ho Asics Away.

Week 2 has come and gone.


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