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Week 3: A difference a day makes

More often than not a run in which I struggle tremendously is generally followed up by a very good run. That is what happened this week. I expect there will be more over the many weeks to follow.

My run on Saturday was run with protests from just about every body part involved. My feet, my shins, my knees, my thighs and my arms all seemed to be quite heavy on Saturday. It kind of felt like I was wearing one of those blankets they cover you with at the dentist’s office when you have x-rays. Probably the slowest pace 6.2 miles I have ever done. MY fast split for a mile was 10:38. Despite that I felt pleased with myself because I did what I planned. I overcame those little demons telling me to turn around and go home.

Than today I run with such ease. I ran 12.2 miles in complete comfort. My split from mile 11 to 12 was 9:49. That’s 49 seconds faster than yesterday’s slowest pace. At yesterday’s pace 12.2 miles would have taken me 2:16 and change for 12.2. Today I did it in 2:06. Some of my splits that included drinking and taking a carbo shot were faster than yesterday’s splits. The dramatic difference that occurs every now and than is a complete mystery to me.

Overall I am quite satisfied with week 3. I increased my mileage for another week. I manage just about 31 miles this week. I ran three 6.2 mile runs and the 12.2 mile LSD today. It is rally great to end the week on a very good high.

Next week is a step back week in my program. However I am a bit behind in my total miles to this point so I am shooting to keep the mileage the same this week.

I look forward to getting it done.


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