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Week 6: Spring is in the Air

Week 6 was a week in which getting my runs in was tough. Many different factors were involved. There were work items, things I wanted to do to help family and I also began teaching a gun safety class on Wednesday nights. On top of that the company I work for had an event on Saturday that I was responsible for organizing. However I did manage to get enough runs in to make it just over 30 miles for the week.

Spring has sprung that is for sure. The robins are all over the place now. Geese and ducks are flying everywhere and finding some open water in a few places too. There are all kinds for critters hustling about. The latter offers up a few obstacles in the form of road kill. Next up will be the awful smell of stuff blooming all over the place.

The sounds of spring in the forms of the birds chirping, ducks quacking and geese honking could not have come at a better time. You see my I-pod went caput on Saturday. My thinking is the battery inside is toast. That being the case todayís run a long slow distance (LSD) run was going to be silent. Thanks to the birds, ducks and geese it wasnít so silent.

Itís on to week 6 and what a week it will be. Coming up at the end of the week will be an event that I have entered. It is a 25K race which translate to about 15.5 miles. The course is a rolling hills course which should provide a formidable challenge. A challenge that will give me an indication as to how my training is going . This week will let me know where my physical capability is at to this point.

Till then, get out there and run with me.


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