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New York New York

I think over 20 years ago or so my sister-in-law and brother-in-law moved their family to New York. Somewhere on Long Island. In all that time I have never visited. I think Deb has a couple of times. It just didnít have the appeal that the Northwoods or the mountains of Colorado had. That was up until a few weeks ago.

I was in the reading room the other day looking through a recent issue of Runners World Magazine. The article I was reading was a Top 10 of marathons that had recently been started. A marathon in Hampton caught my eye. The article referred to it as a scenic run and only 1500 runners. Now that is quaint. That article put Long Island on the list of possibilities to visit this year.

The marathon was not quite enough to make me jump on the going to NY. It needed just a bit more appeal. Actually it took an appeal from me to get NY to the top of the list. I made an appeal to a very nice young man who happened to marry my very nice niece. You see David ran a marathon last year and had expressed a desire to run one with me sometime. I figured letís give it a shot. David said he would join me and Patti might just do the half also. Thatís enough for me to say letís go for it.

Two marathons in one year might just confirm that I am nuts for those that thought I wasnít. Actually it might just be the start of bigger and better things for me as I work on running farther and farther in the future.

So look out Islanders the Midwest boy is coming to town. Please be gentle he might be a bit scared.


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