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Week 12: I hear voices

On Saturday conflicting voices were going at it. On Saturday I went with father in law (Bill), son, grandsons and snoopy (Billís dog) to get Bill a new lawn mower. On the way back from the store the voices started to debate whether I should run or not. Hereís the transcript. Not sure if I have the names correct but it doesnít really matter.

Left: Itís kind of a yucky day out there. Maybe you should skip the run today.
Right: Itís been worse
Left: Hey youíve been running for months now missing the short run today wonít matter
Right: Maybe left is right but you already have had some short weeks you really should try to get
this one.
Left: Look the breeze has picked up and it could start raining any time.

As we pull into the driveway I am leaning more to the left. We get things put away and I take a quick and short ride on the 4 wheeler. During the ride they start up again.

Left: Thatís it donít worry skipping the run today wonít matter
Right: I think you should still give it a try.
Left: Itís starting to sprinkle.
Right: Remember what you said about being in the best shape for this one.

Doggone it right got it right. I did say that.

Left: Nooooo!

I had to do it. I really want to be in my best shape for this one. I am leaning on making this my last Grandmaís Marathon for quite sometime. So I got my stuff and headed out.

My legs seemed like they had lead in them.

Left: I told you this wasnít a good day to run.
Right: You will loosen up just stick with it.
Left: Itís been about a mile donít you think you would have loosened up about now?
Right: Yeah you know itís not going so hot maybe turn around at 1.5 and make it 3 miles.

At this point it was time for me to put my foot down. Sorry guys we are doing 4+ and thatís all there is to it. I made it 4.4. It wasnít pretty at all.

I rebounded well and had a terrific LSD run today. Some of the mile splits were not so slow though. I had two miles that my time was under 9:10. I ran the 14.2 in 2:18:50. Thatís an average pace of 9:46. I did my usual two mile drink breaks and still managed a 9:46 overall pace. Not too shabby for this old bean counter.

Onto week 13 where I will ratchet it back up a bit. Iíll get the miles for the week back over 40. Than in week 14 Iíll get up close to 50 miles with my longest planned LSD run of 24. Iím pretty sure the voices will be back but I must say itís nice to have company.

Have a great week.


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