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Week 13: Gone with the Wind

Sit back and relax. A lot to read from this week's adventures.

Yes week 13 is gone with the wind. Today’s LSD was run with and against the strongest winds of the year to this point. While I was warming up I was watching the weather channel and a bit dismayed on how those weather people can be so giddy about the jet stream. They must not be runners. Not a good sign when you see the arrows for the jet stream coming down from Canada right over where you live.

Before I get into details of today’s long run I need to let you in on something else. I could have titled this segment as the “Tale of Two Runs”.

First Tale: On Thursday I was quite frustrated from life issues, home chore issues and having to run for a doggone marathon. In other words bad day at work, lawn had to be mowed and I needed to run a middle distance run. To say that I came home in an ugly mood would be an understatement. I ate quickly, than I went out and mowed the lawn grumbling to myself about all of the items mentioned above. After mowing I dressed for my run and ran grumbling about all the stuff I mentioned above. The run totally was not what I would say a joyous occasion. Emotionally I was at rock bottom. Not sure how I did it but I survived the day.

Second Tale: Still grousing about Thursday. While getting ready to run I discovered my Ipod needed to be charged. Grumbled about having to run without the Ipod. Began running in silence. I soon found myself thinking about my past G’ma marathon finishes and the things that went well, like having my family at the finish line, the spectators and just enjoying myself. I got excited and started to feel good about what I think I might accomplish this year. Heck of I would have had a mirror I probably would have seen a sparkle in my eye. From feeling as low as I could to as great as I could in less than 24 hours was remarkable. There’s joy in mudville.

I also consider titling this week as “Something smells fishy”. Actually smelling fishy would be better than the smells of all the stuff that is blooming right now. It’s kind of like having to walk past the perfume counter at Macy’s because they put the doggone thing right at the entrance. I have to hold my breath. Unfortunately I can’t do that when I run by some flowering tree and a bunch of blooming lilac bushes. Not funny Mother Nature.

Okay today’s long run was FABOULOUS! Much better than I expected it to go after seeing the weather channel. Despite the wind and the chill that came with it I ran very well. I ran 18.2 miles in 3:02:31. If you deduct the few seconds that I slowed down to aggravate a momma goose, a few seconds to adjust the tongue on my shoe and the few seconds that I let a motorist go by, that would be a be a 10:00 pace rather than a 10:01 pace. That would mean I could run an 11:00 pace for the last 8 miles of a marathon and finish at 4:30. Without a doubt that would most likely bring tears of extreme joy to my eyes. In case you couldn’t tell. Dang right I am EXCITED.

Some states from my run today. My best miles were the 14 mile and the 18th mile. Ran 9:26 and 9:27 respectively. 9 out of 10 miles that I didn’t slow down for a drink were under the 10:00 pace. For the miles that I didn’t slow for a drink I average about a 9:48 pace. Ran the first half at 1:29:50. Second half 1:32:41. The second half was the hillier of the two laps.

I couldn’t be more happier with a run than I was with today’s run. Nice and consistent laps pretty much throughout the whole time.

Total miles this week, 43.9. I am less than 10 miles under 500 miles for the year. Who says a snail can’t travel far?

Moving onto week 14 and this week will be the peak of this year’s training. I hope to run 24 miles on Sunday. From than on the miles will fade as I get into what is called taper time.

If by chance you see a runner out there give him/her a brake and a thumbs up. I’ll bet you get a smile in return.


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