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Week 14: Rain Drops Falling on My Head

A lot of rain drops fell on my head during Sundayís long run. I knew going in that rain was most likely going to be falling at some point during my run. I had hoped it would be during the last few miles. However, the rain started at about mile 10.

I really didnít mind running in the rain but that wasnít the only thing in the forecast. There was also the possibility of the thunder and lightening stuff. Now that stuff was in the forecast for much later in the day. The rain was pretty much on time and unfortunately the thunder and lightening were early. Rain I can run in and even thunder I can run in but lightening will alter my plans.

The first flash of lightening I tried to ignore. The second flash followed by a louder boom could not be ignored. I reluctantly but quickly headed towards the house.

During the week I came down with a nasty cold which had me on the ropes. I had tried running on Wednesday and barely made 3 miles. I walked part of it. To try and beat it I drank a lot of orange juice, Actifed tablets and cough syrup. Just wasnít working. I than tried Mucinex tablets. They seemed to work but still was having trouble breating when I walked up hills or steps. I tried a short run on Saturday and felt positive about making trying a long run on Sunday. I was hoping that I could beat that nasty cold and avoid a setback.

I had 3 goals set for my run on Sunday. Minimum goal was 18. Anything short of that would be a set back. My happy medium goal was to make 20. And my optimum goal over 22 and not more than 24.

So when the lightening came at mile 12 and again just prior to my 13 I was a bit disappointed. Partly because I thought my run was going to be over and more sore the lightening I pushed the last mile by running a 9:13 pace.

Rather than go inside I needed to cool down. I walked around the house a couple of times. The rain was getting a bit heavier so I ducked into the garage. I just kind of paced back in forth for a bit in there. As I said I was kind of bummed.

Donít fret though the story has a good ending after all. Just as I was about down cooling down the sky was blue and the sun was shining. It was decision time however the decision wasnít that hard. I told the family that I had to get more miles in and I was going back out.

It was very long and I was wondering if I made the right decision. Trying to run after stopping for fifteens minutes was an experience that was new to me. The legs were pretty tight for the whole first mile. I kept telling myself I needed to get it done. They felt a bit better in the second but they never really felt as good as they did during the first 14.

It basically came down to focusing on getting to the mile markers one mile at a time. I reached 18 and still felt like I had a bit more in the tank. When I reached 20 it was decision time again. I chose to push on by choosing to walk/run the next 2 miles. I ran the length of 2 utility poles than walked 1 for the next two miles. I than ran a half mile to complete 4 hours of total run time. Without out a doubt the first 14 were great. The 8.5 was tough but quite rewarding when it was all done.

I made my optimum goal. I was on the run for a total of 4 hours. I covered 22.5 miles in those 4 hours which had not been accomplished in my 5 previous training sessions. Sundayís run gives me optimism towards reaching my optimum goal of a 4:30íish marathon finish.

It sure would have been nice to run without a 15 minute rain delay. Iíll have to wait until marathon day to see if I can make it close 24 miles in four hours. I felt like I had a shot at it on Sunday. However what is done is done and I am quite happy with what I did accomplish.

Next week I have what I am calling a dress rehearsal. I am running a 30K which is 18.6 miles. This event will have water stops about every 2.5 miles. I will run to the water stops and walk while I drink. I will visual running this event as if I was in running on June 21.

From here on out I will avoid black cats, walking under ladders, picking up pennies only if itís heads up etc.


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