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Caught wiht my pants down!

When the gun went off to signal the start of the 25K that I ran today I was in the biffy. I had entered the line to the row of biffys just a bit more than 20 minutes prior to the start of the race. They could have used a few more. Quite a number of people were in the same predicament as I was. I sure was glad when I came out I had no resemblance to a white tailed deer.

I was about 30 seconds behind the gun time when I crossed the start line for the City of Lakes 25K. This course is run around 2 of the many lakes that are part of Minneapolis. It’s a very scenic run the first time around. The second time around wasn’t too bad either. A very gentle course that is mostly flat just a few minor hills.

Weather wise it was pretty much perfect. Right around 50 degrees and just a slight breeze that was quite cool along on one side of the lakes. A little bit of sunshine early and pretty much cloudy when I crossed the finish line. I ran the whole thing in long sleeves rather comfortably.

The pace I ran was much better than anticipated or could have expected. If someone said I could run better than 9:30 pace for 15.5 miles I would have bet them otherwise. Today I would have lost that bet. I ran 2:27:27 which translates to an overall pace of 9:26. In my world that’s smokin!

Upon reviewing the mile splits per my Garmin I was pretty consistent for the most part. My slowest mile was the first mile which was my only mile over 10:00 minutes, a 10:04. A few of the mile splits surprised me which was miles 9, 12, and 15, I ran those at 9:12, 9:17 & 9:16 respectively. Mile 2 split was my best at 8:56.

Everything was aligned today, the weather, the legs, the breathing and the mind. With out a doubt today’s run was my best ever.

I am now down to 20 days to go. I will probably run about the same miles this week as I did last week. I will than begin the taper part of my training. The countdown begins tomorrow.

After today’s run I felt like I could say “To infinity and beyond”

See ya next week.


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