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I have to admit that I am quite amused by Democrats trauma over the Sarah Palin VP nomination. Reminds of me of the story about chicken little. I see all these characters running around claiming “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”. Can’t help but sit back and watch the spin with a big smirk.

For goodness sake the Republicans nominate a woman to the presidential ticket. How dare they? Its just not fair according to those wacky girls on the View and even Oprah doesn’t want any piece of Mrs. Palin. The Republicans just aren’t playing fair. Democrats are the party that supports the minorities. I find it kind of comical how the rug was pulled out from those dems.

The response so far has been trying to dig up some dirt on this woman. No way can she be qualified according to the dems. The democ(rats) and supporters (media) are scurrying about looking and trying to drum up or dig up something on this fine woman. So far it’s like watching the squirrels in the park going around trying to find places to their nuts. Reminds of the old saying when you’re up to your neck stop digging but do they listen, nope. Keep digging boys and girls.

What was looking like a boring presidential election has now been spiced up a little bit. Certainly made it interesting. No doubt in my mind that it will still be close and most likely neither candidate will have a significant majority. No doubt in my mind where the problem with this country lies and it will stay there. That where it lies is Congress. Once it’s over we will all go back about our business and the politicians in Washington will start campaigning for the next election.


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