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Mo back on my side

Last night I ran my last long run as part of my training for the Hampton Marathon. The run was based upon time, 3 hours, rather than distance however I did hope that I would get to 17 miles. I completed 17.5 miles and felt like I could have done many more. Definitely has put momentum back on my side.

Overall the run went extremely well. I was a bit nervous and anxious during the day with knowing that I was going to run that night. I knew that for my mental attitude towards the event next week I needed a good run. At the start of the run I felt a bit stiff but that went by the way side after about half mile or so. I settled in and basically went along for the ride from that point. I carried my Gatorade which I drank every 2.5 miles. There would be an occasional ache or discomfort zone once in awhile although nothing ever lasted very long. I am quite pleased with how it went and how I feel today.

Now with that behind me I need to try and stay loose. Of course today I will rest. Friday and Saturday I will run short runs of 3 to 5 miles maybe. Most likely Iíll do 12 or 13 on Sunday which will be followed by a rest day on Monday. Short runs will be in order for Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday is when I travel to NY so I do not plan on running Thursday. Friday Iíll run maybe 2 or 3 miles real slow. My body will pretty much determine the pace of the runs. The only goal of these runs is to stay relaxed.

Thoughts of what my pace will be going through my head. I will have a plan one day and a different one the next day. Than on race day all plans will be forgotten and I will run whatever the conditions allow me to run. The pace will be the best I can do for that day.


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