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Ready or not here I come

I feel like I am ready. I have run short, medium and long. I have run flats, hills, in the wind, in the heat and occasionally in the rain. Now itís pretty down to waiting for the gun to go off at 8:00 am on Saturday the 27th of September.

I ran my last long run for this marathon training. Probably one of the toughest if not the toughest LSD I have done. I checked the elevations again on the race and there are two good sized hills to climb. Each followed by some rolling hills for a couple of miles. Therefore I chose to run the hilly part of my town tonight. With only a small section of about a mile it was 12 miles of pretty much nothing but ups and downs. So the long runs are in the book which only leaves some short runs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday to complete my training for Saturdayís marathon.

All in all I think it has gone pretty good. It took awhile for me to handle training in the heat. That was probably the toughest part of getting ready for the fall marathon. It is most likely why I doubt I will do another fall marathon. There werr a few aches and pains too. None of the aches and pains ever caused me to be concerned as I knew they were minor. The step back weeks allowed me to recover nicely after those tough long mileage weeks. So yes I am ready.

The early forecast doesnít look to be too bad. Looking at temps in the 50ís most likely at the start. Later the temps should not be much more than the mid 60ís by the time I cross the line. No predictions on humidity or wind as of yet. The weather is pretty much out of my control so I plan on showing up and I will deal with whatever it is.

There is no online tracking available for the event. From what I was told is that cell phone coverage is spotty so the splits cannot be tracked. The final results I guess will be posted a short time after the race is complete which should be about 2:00. www.hamptonsmarathon.com

Stay tuned for a race report


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