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July 23, 2007

Long Run, July 22

I went for my long run yesterday morning. My schedule has me going for long sunday runs with a short run on Saturday. My problem is I feel like anything less than 6 or 7 miles is a waste of time, so on Saturday I did around 8. Sunday was ok, I ended up falling 2 miles short of my goal of 14, but mostly it was because of how tired i was. I got up early with the kids and let Patti sleep in, she gets up pretty much the rest of the week with the kids. So I didn't get out on the road until 9, and by then I was kind of tired. I like to wake up and get out there. The other problem is I didn't bring any way. I ended up stopping at a Tedesci's and bought some water with money I keep in my shoe pouch. My legs felt a little rubbery later in the day but overall was fine.

I didn't run this morning but might do some light work on the treadmill later. We'll see.

And my marathon training continues.

July 20, 2007

Fri July 20 2007

The humidity this morning was brutal, awful. It was over 80% and made my run tough but I still did 6.5, although a little slow. Worked up a great sweat though.

According to my schedule, I was supposed to do 7 this morning, but I have not been keeping track with that thing. Tomorrow I am going to try for a longer run, then a real long one on Sunday to get back on track.

We'll see.

July 19, 2007

Thur July 19 2007

Went for a 6.5 mile run this morning. It felt really good and I was pretty tired when I started. Went out around 6:30. I think listening to EEI on the radio instead of my iPod helped. The Sox are in a little bit of a spiral so always fun to listen to people complaining.

My back is a little sore right now though, not sure why.

July 18, 2007

Not doing much

I ran on Saturday, good run, but nothing since then. Mostly because of travel, and party because of laziness. I need to kick it in high gear.

July 12, 2007

The start

Last year I decided to run a marathon and chose the Marine Corp in DC. Mostly it was because my father is a proud Marine and I thought it would be cool. Since then I've heard it's a flat course which is good since I like running on flat ground. It would be better if the entire thing was down hill, but whatever.

Last year I got hurt and thrown off my training program, so I deferred until this year. I am on an 18 week training program that throws in hills, fartleks, medium runs and long runs. This Sunday I am suppose to do 14 miles. I did 12 a couple of weeks ago.

So far so good. I still struggle to run that long but I haven’t had to stop and walk yet. I think I need to cut down on the bad food and beers, they are both dragging me down. Well, at least the bad food is I think.

I thought I’d chronicle my experience and how I feel after certain runs. Not sure why, since most entries will be something like this

“Tired as hell, legs hurt, sweating a lot, why am I doing this”

We’ll see how it goes.