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August 28, 2007

Tue Aug 28

Ok, I am starting to get into this. Plus I am starting to lose more weight. Good stuff.

I ran 8 this morning. I ran 8 on Sat, 14 Sun, 8 yesterday. So that is 38 miles in 4 days. And I feel pretty good. I still need to do something about the water issue though.

My runs all include hills, some pretty steep and long, so I am getting there.

August 27, 2007

Long Run

I did my long run yesterday. 14 miles. It went well but I realized that I need to drink about 4 times as much water as I have been. I was really hurting, esp since it was really really humid. But I got it done and realize that I need to drink and consume those gel things. I will probably have Patti meet me next time at intervals with water. I might also join the L street running club. We'll see.

Marathon Sports

I went to the best place in New England for running shoes, Marathon Sports, this past Saturday (Aug 25). I got a new pair, some socks, some gel packets, and am ready to go.

August 21, 2007

Aug 21, back on track

So I am back on track. I went on vacation July 26 to Minnesota. I ran once while there. I then went to San Fran on July 31, coming back on Aug 3. I ran nonce. Then I went to Lake George, NY on Aug 5 and came back on Aug 12. I ran twice, very short runs. My marathon is in two and a half months, so I thought I was in trouble.

I ran three straight days when I got back, took Fri off, then ran Sat and Sunday. I took Monday off then ran again this morning for a fairly long run. I feel ok, but not great, about being ready.