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Long Run, July 22

I went for my long run yesterday morning. My schedule has me going for long sunday runs with a short run on Saturday. My problem is I feel like anything less than 6 or 7 miles is a waste of time, so on Saturday I did around 8. Sunday was ok, I ended up falling 2 miles short of my goal of 14, but mostly it was because of how tired i was. I got up early with the kids and let Patti sleep in, she gets up pretty much the rest of the week with the kids. So I didn't get out on the road until 9, and by then I was kind of tired. I like to wake up and get out there. The other problem is I didn't bring any way. I ended up stopping at a Tedesci's and bought some water with money I keep in my shoe pouch. My legs felt a little rubbery later in the day but overall was fine.

I didn't run this morning but might do some light work on the treadmill later. We'll see.

And my marathon training continues.


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