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Bloody Shirt

Along the running theme. Long distance running some times results in chaffed body parts. For me, even though I wear dry fit tshirts, sometimes my nips get raw.

So today (Tuesday) I was in NY City for work after the long weekend. I went for a run around Central Park in the evening and walked back to the hotel. Unfortunately I did not get a room at my normal hotel, so the backup is about a mile from the park. I took some money and on the way back I went to Duane Reed for some water and toiletries I needed.

I walked up to the young check out girl all sweaty and with my earphones still on. I put down the stuff and she looks and me and then looked down at my chest.

“Nice!!” I thought, all those hours in the gym finally paying off. This chick is checking me out.

She kind of smirked and rang up the items. I paid her, gave her a Dave smile to make her day, then left.

About 10 feet from the store I looked down to admire my own chest and figured out why the girl was looking at me. My right nipple was bleeding. I had a white dry fit tshirt on and the blood made a streak from my chest about 4 inches down my shirt, with the red fading in color the farther it went down, kind of like a red comment in the night sky.

So there I was, sweaty stinky hat, holding a plastic bag with shaving cream and a vitamin water, and my bloody nipple seeping through my shirt. Yep, I was the object of Marisol desire.


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