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I finally conquered Dune Road

Some of you know that I have been training for a marathon in October. I plan running the Marine Corp Marathon in DC and am at the point in my training where I am doing pretty long runs. This past weekend we went to Long Island to visit Pattiís parents in Hampton Bays for Labor Day. I was in NY all week for work and Patti came down mid week with the kids. She met me in NYC on Thursday night, we had a nice dinner, and then we headed out to her parents house.

Anyway, there is this really nice running loop that goes along Montauk Highway, through East Quoge, Quoge, along the famous Dune Road, over a bridge, through Hampton Bays and back home. I never really knew how long it was but two times Iíve tried to run it in the past resulted in my borrowing some kidís cell phone at a beach food shack to call Patti to come and get me. Embarrassing.

So this past Sunday I took some water, had Patti meet me with water, hid some water along the route, took my gel packs, and completed it without stopping. I conquered Dune Road. Yes. I OWN Dune Road.

The distance? 17 miles. Crazy, I know.


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