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Here he goes again

Another 26 miles on tap for this weekend. Actually itís going to be just over 27 miles this time around. I will be participating in the first Duluth Dualathon this coming Saturday. The event consists of a 3.1 mile run, 20.6 mile bike ride and ends with a 3.4 mile run.

The event combines two of my favorite activities. You already know I like to run and now I get to add biking into the mix. When I saw a flyer for this event, I just couldnít pass it up.

I rode my bike over the course this last Saturday. I had a pretty good idea that the first part would be up hill. It is just as I expected and a bit more. Basically the course is uphill for about 4 miles and than levels a bit. The next 8 miles are rolling hills and very scenic. The last 8 miles is than pretty much down hill. Overall it was a great ride.

When I finished the ride I experienced what it was like to try and run following a long bike ride. The first half mile was interesting to say the least. I would describe it more as a shuffle than a run. Slowly but surely the run did develop into a style and pace that was familiar to me.

Not ever have done this type of event before I have no idea on how I will be in relation to others in the field. I could very well end up being the last participant to finish this thing. It all depends on if there are others who do these events more for the experience rather than to compete. Whatever the case may be I do know I will come away with a personal record in this event.

Race report will follow.


So, how did it go?

I finished smiling. Report later. Next year you and me buddy as a relay team. I'll ride and you run.