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Family Ties

As you get older you find that when you look back you wish you just might have done some things differently. Coming away from this weekend I discovered that yes if I had a do over I would do something different. I would have attended more family reunions of the Niehaus clan.

On Saturday there was what I will call a revival of the Niehaus family reunion. The Niehauses are my grandfatherís family. Years ago they had family reunions on an annual basis. Than I think because of schedules, lack of interest or other things the reunion just wasnít happening. That changed this year thanks to some determined people.

I am not sure how many people attended this gala event but I thought it was a good turnout and hopefully a rebirth for the family gathering. There were a number of families represented. From what I could tell everyone enjoyed themselves.

Each family received a genealogy packet all about the Niehaus family going back several generations. The listing of our family line includes 8 generations. My grandchildren and a few others were listed as the 8th generation of Niehaus descendants. The whole thing was quite fascinating.

One thing is for sure, I will do everything possible to get to these events in the future. I will also encourage my children to accompany me. As I found out there is a heck of a lot that I missed. We just canít let that happen anymore.

Two priceless weekends in a row. Quite overwhelming to say the least.