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Summer of 2006

Hard to believe that in another month and half fall will be upon us. As I get older it certainly seems the days pass by much more quickly. Looking back and forward a bit I can say itís been a great summer.

The best thing that happened this summer was the birth of our granddaughter. Mira Rae Asha is quite the treasure. She has two very proud parents who are as loving as any parents can be. It is going to be a treat watching her grow up.

Our grandson is at the age this year where he can explore and enjoy the outdoors. Itís a lot more interesting for him than when he was in a stroller or laying on a blanket. Sean has gone on bike rides with his dad and his grand father. He also has seen a number of critters that you find around the lake such as frogs and snakes. I canít wait until next summer to explore more of what nature has to offer Sean.

If you have read my prior posts you will know that I completed a couple of outdoor events this summer. I am blessed to have the ability and health to that kind of stuff. Just being outside is good for the soul.

Another great thing of this summer was the family reunion we attended the week in the beginning of July (see prior post). The history of the family is extremely interesting. I learned a lot and hope to learn more as the years go by. Hopefully we will have more opportunities to get together with the families in future years.

If that was enough, there is still more ahead on this summerís schedule. We have a couple of smaller family reunions yet this month. A trip to Winnipeg is planned in the middle of August. That will be followed up with a scouting event for Tim and Debbie will be attending a wedding of a neighborís daughter. And yes a couple of running events in there too. I would have never thought that so much could be done in one summer.

Iíll have to rest up this winter to be ready for next summer. With three grandchildren and all of our other interests we should have a full schedule next year too.