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Ups and Downs

There are many mysteries in life and I am struggling with one. That is you can put weight on with relative ease. To lose it is another story. Just one of those things that I will never understand.

A few years back, I think about 2 ½, I was up to 230 pounds. Than a couple of things happened that prompted me do something about it. One was my son was getting married and I didn’t think I would look good in photos at 230. The other was when one of my wife’s day care kids said “Geez you got a big belly”. Talk about a wake up call or hitting a brick wall that was it.

I bit the bullet and said the heck with male pride, I joined Weight Watchers (WW) to try and turn things around. Joining WW was probably one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. I lost about 25 pounds in the first 4 months and than a bit more after that. I certainly felt a lot better than I had before and all was well for the most part.

After about a year on the WW plan I hit the dreaded plateau and pretty much remained there. I hovered between 195 and 200 for the next year. I was kind of okay with that because I was under that big nemesis 200+ number. I had become too comfortable with the plateau so I stayed there rather than try to go down further.

Towards the end of June and the first part of July I messed up and went back up the mountain. I’m not as high up as I was but I am getting close to half way. Amazing how in two weeks time a person can put on 10 pounds almost without the blink of an eye. Gosh a chip that weighs only a fraction of an ounce in your hand must become a half of a pound once it gets past your mouth. So I am now forced to try and climb back down again.

As I found in the past it takes a lot of discipline to get control of the weight battle. And as we all know discipline is a bit more painful. However, discipline does help turn things around.

So I am engaged in the battle once again. The arseanl of knowledge that I acquired from WW has prepared me for the fight. I’ll get there eventually. I just wish the weight dropped as fast as it climbed.