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A hunting we will go

This weekend my son and I will carry on an annual tradition. This particular tradition has been going on for about 11 or 12 years now. It is one that I look forward to the next one just about the same time that the current one ends.

On Saturday morning the MN duck season opens at 9:00. We will be on the lake by 7:00. The plan is to get our blind set up and then place the decoys strategically in formation just in front of our blind. Once that is done we will get hunkered down in the blind and wait for the appointed time of 9:00.

Should things work out the way we hope our guns will be a blazing right at 9:00. There will be 8 dead ducks lying in and around our decoys by 9:15. The day will be complete.

That scenario is not likely going to happen. Most likely we may get a few shots off at 9:00. If we are lucky we will have two ducks lying in the decoys. Than itís sit and wait. An occasional flock will swing by for a look and if we are paying attention we may get off a shot or two. Once in a will a single comes flying through at mach 1 just to remind us why we are out there. The day will pass by slowly however it will be time well spent.

The following morning the day will start much earlier. We will be out onto the duck pond well before the sun rises. The decoys will not be so strategically positioned on this day. Itís hard to do when itís dark outside. Nonetheless it will give the appearance of ducks on the water. Just as the day before we will get hunkered down in the blind and wait for the official start time, which is Ĺ before sunrise.

As we are waiting for that appointed time we will here what sounds like jet fighters going overhead. That is what the wind sounds like as it goes through the duck's feathers when they are traveling at what seems like mach 1. Occasionally we might catch a glimpse of a silhouette as one goes by. The adrenaline starts flow in anticipation of light and shooting time.

On the second day we will be pretty much done with hunting a few hours after it starts. By then the ducks have found hiding places that only mosquitoes will find. We hope again to have a few ducks or so in the bag.

We will head out of the blind to pick up our approximate 5 dozen decoys, during which time we will reflect on how we did. A few laughs will be heard over some of our missed opportunities and maybe a few boasts of a tough shot. Whatever it is we will leave with more hunting memories that will be shared for several years.

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