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Unforgetable Characters

One thing that a 45 minute drive to work and than back home does for a person is give him time to think. I think about all kinds of stuff during my drive. Lately I have been thinking about people who have made an impact on my life.

Iíll start out with my Grandpa Niehaus. There are two notable things that I ganed from my grandfather. The first is a passion for fishing. He loved to fish more than anyone else I have known. Iíll never forget the times we spent together on the lakes. The second is sense of humor. He sure was fun and he loved to tease people with his sense of humor and a few practical jokes.

My father in law Bill also made a big impact on me. I met him when I was 15. It took awhile for him to warm up to me but when that happened he treated me like a son and has ever since. We have hunted and fished together fro many many years now. However his biggest impact on me was his devotion to family. I have certainly tried to emulate that devotion.

Included in the people who made an impact on my life is my brother, Terry. He filled in for my Dad when he was away. It was my brother who would take me hunting and fishing. Terry was always there for me when I needed him to be. He even let me us his cars now and then, a Dodge charge and his Pontiac Ventura. I sure do miss him.

Another person is my sister Mary. Here is a girl that despite adversity has persevered through many difficulties. I admire Mary for making a good life for herself. Her perseverance puts things into a whole different perspective.

And of course my MOM and my WIFE. What can I say; they are the greatest two women a guy could have to turn to.

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