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November 21, 2006

Giving Thanks 06

The Thanksgiving holiday is a time to reflect. As I look back on this past year there are a number of things that I am thankful for.

I am thankful for a beautiful granddaughter born in June.

I am thankful for surviving another Grandmas Marathon run.

I am thankful for time spent with my relatives in Missouri.

I am thankful for a successful deer hunt.

I am thankful for getting an outboard motor at an auction.

I am thankful for showing my grandson snakes, frogs and the other items nature has to offer.

I am thankful for 30 years of marriage.

The thing that I am most thankful for is the love that my family has for one another.

We are blessed and we must give thanks to the Lord this Thanksgiving.

Happy Holidays everyone.

November 16, 2006


E-bay is now number 1 on my sh^t list at the moment. Even though I strongly believe in the free market system, a line has been crossed.

Today a local radio station distributed 35000 copies of a music cd to local target stores. These cdís are sold with the proceeds from the sales going to charity. A great promotion for a great cause. The radio station receives permission from several artists to include a song on the cd. They are limited to a set number that can be produced.

So what happens? The greedy no good low life scum grab up the cdís and then turn around and sell them on e-bay.

Itís unfortunate than that you have idiots who just have to have one and pay an exorbitant price to get one. It goes to the old adage that there is a sucker born every minute. Therefore we have a society of scum and suckers.

I shouldnít be so upset. The scum and the suckers have been around all throughout the history of this country. There was the snake oil salesmen way back when. We had all those pyramid schemes going on in the seventies and eighties. Now there is e-bay. The good old American way.

November 13, 2006

It will be remebered

This deer hunting season will probably be one of the most talked about between my son, my grandkids and I. It will beat out the season that Andy broke his thumb. The year that I shot an 8 point 200+ pound buck. Even the year I cut my thumb right down the middle. There is no doubt that this deer season will be remembered above the rest.

Gosh where to I begin to describe the season of 06. I guess Iíll start at the point of when our thoughts turned to the 06 season. The planning began way back at the end of last season. We had a pretty good idea of how we were going to set up for this season last fall. We pretty much set things up according to our plan and were ready earlier than any previos year. Than things begin to unravel for Andy and I just a bit.

It all started with my grandson in waiting. He decided to raise a little ruckus and turned things slightly on edge. You see he is not due to make an entrance until January and he decided to maybe come out a bit early. Sure I want him to be born early for tax reasons but two months early isnít necessary. Due to grandson milling about Andy was not able to go hunting. That interrupted our 12 consecutive years of going out on the hunt together.

So there I was out on the hunt Saturday morning without my faithful companion. Kind of like the Lone Ranger without Tonto. Sure did miss the guy but hey its deer season and a guy has do what he can to satisfy his primal urges to hunt. A little while into the day what appeared to be a small doe came into my area. The heart starts pumping and itís hard to find enough air to breath. Should I take her or wait for something bigger. This could possibly be the only one I see and who knows daughter in law might be having a baby soon. Better shoot. BANG. She is down. Whoops she is a he. Dang I shot a little buck, a doggone fawn from this year. Gosh it looked bigger. Well what is done is done. I put the tag on it and went back to my stand.

I came out of the woods for lunch and thought I would call home and see how Denise and the baby were doing. They decide to admit her to the hospital. Thatís not what I wanted to hear. So you say itís just precautionary. Oh great now my anxiety level is up a bit. Back to the woods I went with out my partner once again.

The afternoon was pretty slow. I only saw a few more small deer through the remainder of the day. I headed for home with just the little guy I shot in the morning.

There I was in my truck all alone and thoughts back on Andy and Denise back home. I was thinking about how Denise was doing. Than right before my eyes I see the head of doe flash before me. BANG. Damn I just hit a deer with my truck. I needed to check the damage to my truck so I pull over. As soon as I open the door the smell of antifreeze was quite clear. A few expletives were uttered and than a few more followed by yes a few more. Okay call Deb and let her know whatís going on and please call a tow truck. And yes if brother in law gets to the house without noticing that I am no longer following, have him come and get me. Never mind he noticed and came back.

While waiting for the tow truck we transfer all the stuff from my truck to his. It wasnít too long before the truck got there and took care of business. Off to the house we headed.

Once at the house it was time to check in with my son. You say they might take her to Abbott because they have a better prenatal facility. Oh yeah itís just precautionary. This is starting to scare me just a bit.

A bit later son calls. We are heading to Abbott and I am riding along. My wife says is that a siren I hear. Oh yeah thatís us, we a rushing. I say okay we will be coming home in the morning.

Now it is 8 days later and all is on a holding pattern. Denise is out of the hospital and doing fine. She is pretty much ordered to be resting as much as humanely possible. My truck is at the body shop and parts are on order, damage $5,000. I went hunting without my son again this past weekend and managed to shoot a buck that was of substance. Didnít run into another deer but I did run over a rabbit. Crazy rabbit thought he could run 60 miles in front of me. The thump confirmed that the rabbit was wrong. Now that grandson has settled down, I am breathing a bit easier and so is everyone else.

Bruno as we call him will definitely here about this season often and he owes his dad $27.

November 07, 2006

Lost a good one

We lost a very nice person today. The husband of Debís cousin Becky passed away today. Although I did not know Pat all that well I have no doubt that he was a person of very good character.

Pat leaves behind his wife and their four sons. Pat talked with great pride about his boys. He was as proud of them as any father could be. Pat and Becky deserve a lot of admiration for the wonderful family that they are.

I will miss you Pat.

November 03, 2006

What gives?

In 2004 the news was all about the millions of jobs lost under President Bushís first term. How the economy was failing and that we were heading for as bad of times as the ďGreat DepressionĒ. I canít seem to find anything in the news about those problems now.

In fact you hear very little about the economy in the news. I wonder why?

Today the unemployment is lower than itís ever been. More people own homes than ever before. The pace of new jobs created in a two year period is the highest for quite sometime. The stock market has rebounded and hit record highs. The average wage of workers has increased. Guess what folks, things are better.

Amazing isnít it that President Bush was completely at fault for the loss of jobs the stock market tanking and everything that goes with that. So tell me why he is not being given the praise for a turn around? Donít be afraid to comment I really want to know.

November 02, 2006

You thought it was just me

Just in case some of you thought my thoughts on the media was off base.

The Center for Media and Public Affairs did an accounting of the network newscasts from September 5 thru October 22 and found an overwhelming liberal bias.

On the "Big Three" network newscasts, the audit showed a clear jihad against the Republican Party. Only 12 percent of election stories that aired on NBC, ABC, or CBS could be regarded as remotely "favorable" to Republicans.

In contrast, as The Washington Times put it this morning, "Democrats basked in glory." The study showed that 77 percent of news accounts in the six-week period offered favorable evaluations of Democratic candidates and lawmakers.
Midterm elections in 2002 warranted only 35 stories from the "Big Three." Midterms in 2006 got 167 stories, and 77percent were pro-Dem.

Enough said.