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October 31, 2006

Here's a thought

Give President Bush 6 months to turn the tide in Iraq. A couple of rules to follow during those 6 months.

1. No media coverage on car bombings, rocket attacks, snipers etc.
2. 48 hours, 60 minutes, Dateline, Nightline all do reports on new
schools, flourishing markets and the other good things that are
happening in Iraq.
3. Hollywood shut up
4. Democrats shut up
5. Democrats lock up John Kerry because he canít shut up.

Basically we have to stop giving the insurgents, Al Qaeda, Iran, Syria and other fanatics hope that America is weak.

Just a thought

October 27, 2006

I am not jumping ship

The doom and gloom media is all giddy about the chance that their agenda to get democrats elected this year just might happen. After all their sponsored polls are projecting the numbers that they want. They may have figured out if we keep saying the dems are ahead just maybe more will believe and we can pull this one off.

The latest poll I saw said the middle class was abandoning the GOP and going to the democrats. Well this is one middle class voter that is not. I know of several others that are not. I know of none that are switching from how they voted before. The poll was sponsored by the AP. Enough said.

I will continue to sponsor the party that bests represents my values and philosophies. I donít see why the successful should be punished, I am pro-life (health of mother would be would be an exception), marriage being a man and a woman, personal responsibility and welfare should not be a career. It is also my opinion the republicans are more concerned about national security and getting a better handle on illegal immigration. I know that all republicans donít fit that bill to a tee but overall they get closer than democrats.

I wish more people could grasp the tax concept. When Regan reduced tax rates, tax revenues increased. When Bush reduced tax rates, tax revenues increased. When Clinton raised taxes tax revenues were going down when he left office. Enough said

There is an effect when you raise taxes on the people who create jobs. Higher taxes take cash away that can be used to expand and upgrade. Rather than money going to manufacturers, suppliers or service providers, who create jobs, it goes to the government. That in a nutshell means no jobs are going to be created.

It just might happen that the democrats do gain control of either the Senate or the House of Representatives or both. Should that happen I will be concerned about the effect it will have on our great country. I will as I do now pray that all goes well. The one thing that the democrats, liberals and the media do now is celebrate when things donít go so well. I will stick by my country and its leaders.

October 23, 2006

Work is never done

When our children are born we think about how much fun it is going to be to do things with them. The possibilities are endless. Thereís the spots stuff, outdoor stuff, movies and building stuff.

There are a number of things my children and I built together. The first things were snowmen and snowdogs. From there we moved up to tricycles, bikes, swing sets, bird houses and who knows what else. Those moments were cherished times for me and my children too.

I had thought that when my kids were off on their own, our project stuff would most likely come to an end. To my pleasure I was so wrong.

The projects have only got bigger. For my daughter there was the brick patio, boy can she move dirt, and a wiring project. For my son I helped a little bit with his family room in the basement and than just recently 3 days to replace the shingles. I enjoy working on these projects just as much as building the snowmen maybe because these projects donít melt.

Ah yes a dad's work is never done.

October 12, 2006

Old Man Winter Is Coming

A brush with winter weather came down upon us yesterday. The temps were right around the freezing mark, wind was nasty and snow was flying. It was a reminder for us that the actual winter is approaching.

I actually look forward to late fall and the start of winter. Summer gets to be a bit boring towards the end of August. Fall seems to add some freshness to the outdoors.

When winter does finally get here a number of other activities will be in store. I canít wait.


October 06, 2006

Another October Surprise

The world of politics gets more repugnant with each election season. Rather than the real issues that affect us, we are being subjected to media frenzy on a matter that may just turn out to be much to do about very little. Will we ever get back to the issues?

It appears that the media and the democrats cannot allow the issues to be the subject of discussion. Once again we have an October Surprise coming from the media and most likely driven by democrat operatives. Last year we had the Rather memo fiasco now this year we have Mr. Foley. I wonder how long ABC and others sat on this story. If the republicans can overcome this latest attack, maybe than the media and others will realize that the majority of us are interested in the issues.

Donít get me wrong Mr. Foley is a sick man. Whether he committed an actual crime is yet to be determined. Hopefully he will get help and if a crime was committed (in my mind one was) he will be punished.

The response of the democrats is predictable and full of the hypocrisy that I know them for. After all democrat politicians are known for soliciting younger sexual partners. We all know about Billy and Monica of course. Not too many know about Mr. Sudds affair with a 17 year old page back in the eighties. In those two cases both continued on in politics. In fact Mr. Studds was promoted to a high ranking committee chairmanship. Than we have Barney Franks. Apparently itís ok to have a gay prostitution ring operating out of your home. Oh yeah he did not know it was going on. By the way he is still in the congress. Enough said.

Whenever there are 500 people in any location, guess what, there is a good chance that a few of them are going to act inappropriately. When that happens they need to be shown the door. The republicans seemed to have grasped that however the democrats seem to think we need to be more understanding.

October 02, 2006


Back in early June I was disappointed with how the Minnesota Twins were playing. I had pretty much given up and expected that they would trade players to contending teams. Than an unbelievable turn around in the season occurred.

Many people would believe the turn around was due to some personnel changes. The Twins replace the whole left side of the infield. They also added a few pitchers, demoted a few and sent one packing. Yes things needed to be changed.

However there was something else that occurred in June that I think was the catalyst in the amazing turn around. That was the birth of my granddaughter, who loves to watch baseball and cheer for the Twins. Since the June 9th I think the Twins won 68 games and lost 33, prior to that they were 28 and 33. Thereís no doubt in my mind that her birth was behind the turn around.

Seeing that my granddaughter had such a big impact Iím thinking I should call up the Twins front office and request a sky box for the playoffs.

Whatever happens ďGO TWINSĒ

And yes Thank-you Royals.