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Have you been naughty or nice?

We had our little family Christmas dinner and present opening tonight. I think Santa may have been confused or maybe his standards have gone down just a bit. Iím not saying I was naughty but I sure got a gift that was beyond what an average nice boy would get.

I got a Garmin 305! Yes thatís right a Garmin 305. That beats anything else out there in the market. Nothing but the very best and up to date techno gadget made for runners.

There is overwhelming joy and overwhelming anxiety about this gift. The joy comes from knowing the data one can track. It will provide more details than one can imagine. The anxiety from reading the label on the CD that comes with it. A CD title that says training center comes with it. Training Center? You know the adage you canít teach an old dog new tricks. Well letís hope thatís not the case. I am looking forward to using it once the holidays are over and I have some time to spend in the training center.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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I am jealous, and Patti is going to get a link to this post.

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