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Let it snow Let it NOT!

For many years now a lot of us Minnesotans have been whining about lack of snow. Comments like ďsure isnít like the days when we youngĒ or ďwinter isnít winter unless we get snowĒ were heard all around. Hope everyone is happy now that we have over 16 inches of the stuff now.

Seems like itís been snowing for over week straight. I decide the heck with going to work today because I wasnít going to drive in the miserable stuff another day. I drove through it on Saturday, Sunday, didnít go nowhere on Monday and than drove through it on Tuesday. Enough already I have had my fill.

Oh sure you say itís so pretty. Try shoveling the stuff numerous times in a day and see how pretty it is. As far as I am concerned at the moment is it might be pretty in one of those shake up souvenir dust collecting thingies other than that itís a pain.

Shoveling the doggone stuff isnít the worst part of the deal. The worst is that it has the lakes all messed up. Due to the heavy snow there are many inches of slush lurking under that so called pretty snow. That yucky slush makes it a royal pain in the Ö to try and ice fish. You canít walk in it. The 4 wheeler barely got me out to the spot I wanted to fish. I didnít bother trying it on the second day due to fear of getting stuck in the slush. Itís not fair to us ice fishing fanatics and itís a bad deal.

Oh sure the kids like it. Then kids like everything because to them itís more like a play thing. But what do they know they liked school in the beginning too.

I suppose it could be worse. It really could be as bad as when I was young and the snow banks were over 6 feet high. Sure I thought that was fun but I was young and not a cranky old fart like I am now.

Enjoy winter Ö bah humbug.


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