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Not another newsletter

I am not a fan of holiday newsletters to be honest. Deb generally gives me the highlights because I very rarely read them. Oh I guess if I have trouble sleeping I might check a few of them.

Donít get me wrong itís not that I donít care about the loved ones, itís I really donít like to read more than anything else. Reading takes time away from other fun things. For example I could be out running or fishing rather than reading. I could be enjoying a fine bottle of wine or better yet a fine nap. You see there are finer things in life than reading.

By the way if you are checking the Erickson Family Website and ventured into my ramblings because of the dear wifeís newsletter, I thank-you for stopping by. I did read that one.

If you want to help Deb out, give her a plug and attach a little comment to this little ditty. I will be more than happy to let her know you read her newsletter and are not illiterate like me.

I wish you the very best for the upcoming new year. God Bless.


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I know who is NOT going to get a newsletter next year.

Just address them to me.


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