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Week 5 Survivor

Yesterday’s long slow distance run was definitely a challenge and I survived. Even though there was a pretty good headwind for about half the run I don’t think the weather wasn’t too much of a factor. It was the distance. The little voice that normally comes out on my LSD was certainly speaking to me. I was listening too. However, I dismissed stopping at 12.2 and even 13.2. I will admit I cut out the .2 but I managed to hit 14 as my schedule called for.

So week 4 is in the books. I am happy with my runs this week. I did only get in 4 runs due to not wanting to do the LSD on Easter. I added a few miles to my short runs and came up just a half mile short of the planned mileage for the week. The three mid week runs went extremely smooth and for the most part (10 of 14) yesterday’s LSD went quite well too. Total miles for the week, 31.5.

Four down makes fourteen more to go. Bring it on.


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