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Week 4 Steady as she goes

Week 4 highlight would have to be I managed to get 5 run days in this week. This was the first week that weather allowed me to get in 5 days. Thatís a good thing.

Another good thing in regards to weather is that it warmed up a bit this week. Two runs were done with the temperature above 40 degrees. The warm temps allowed me to run without a whole lot layers. In fact I ran without 4 pounds of under layers. Couldnít quite get to shorts and short sleeves but those days will be here soon enough.

All the runs this week were pretty good runs except todayís. I started todayís run by running the first two miles below a 9:30 pace. That pretty much spelt disaster for alter on. When I hit mile 5 and began a long uphill stretch I was feeling a bit exhausted. From that point I used a run/walk routine to get me the 8.2 that I planned for the day. I have this fancy gadget that shows me my pace but it doesnít help if you check it as you go. Lesson learned. For the most part my average pace per mile on all the runs were well within my expectations and overall I am feeling just fine physically.

I managed to get in the 30 mile goal this week. My runs from now on will be 30 miles or better each week. So as I said it is steady as she goes. Week 5 will conclude with 14 miles.

Till next week enjoy the outside. Get out there and run, walk, bike or sit in the yard whatever it takes to get out there.


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