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Nothing but grand

Thought maybe I should post another grandpa update. I continue to think being a grandpa is just wonderful. In fact being a grandpa is the next best thing to being a dad.

Iíll start with my wonderful granddaughter this time who I am afraid is heading down the path of her grandpa. That path is to test her parents, grandparents and others to the breaking point. Than just before the break you will see that little devilish smile and the mischievousness stops. Yes I think Mira has inherited the mischief gene from her grandpa Tim just as he inherited it from his grandpa Niehaus. I promise Iíll try to encourage it too much. Sure is going to be fun I can tell you that.

Grandson number two I think might be the strongest willed of the grandkids at this point. Despite his size he will stand up to either one of his cousins. He will even instigate a confrontation now and then. Should some other daycare kid or cousin take something of his you can bet he will try to get it back. Just like a badger would defend its turf. I think he will do just fine even if he ends up being on the small size.

Grandson number one is growing up way to fast. It wasnít so long ago that his eyes were well below the kitchen counter. As he moves up I canít help but dream of all the things that will be coming. There will be the sports stuff and something that I really look forward to the outdoor stuff. He has already shown the ability to spot wildlife quickly and with great excitement. Another thing that excites me is that he explains to his grandma as he runs around the yard that he is just like grandpa. It will be awhile but the day he and I might run a marathon together is getting closer.

Stay tuned because number 4 is on the way. It doesnít matter whether it will be a boy or a girl. It will be grand.

Nothing but smiles on this Gípaís face.


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