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Week 9: Nice Recovery

I was a bit concerned that last weeks mileage was too low even for a recvovery week. My biggest worry was what effects the lack of getting runs in would do to my LSD (long slow distance) this week. I was pleasantly surprised and all my anxiety was for not.

Today’s LSD was far and beyond better than any LSD I have run before. That includes all the LSD's while training for the five marathons that I have completed. At no time during the 20.2 miles that I ran today did I feel an urge to abandon the run. It doesn’t get any better than it did today.

A lot of things helped me have such a great day. The weather was cool and very little wind. The course was relatively flat. I ran with a person that I know from a chat room that I regularly participate. And I think the time off last week gave my body the chance to recover from all the little aches and pains that I had experienced. All of those things added up to a very comfortable run today.

I think I could have run a full marathon today. The first 10 I completed in 1:46 and the last 10 1:42. I ran a 9:42 for my 18th mile. Than 19 & 20 were just over 10:00 minutes and both of those included drink breaks. I feel very good that I will be more than ready when the gun goes off for this year’s Grandmas Marathon. No doubt today’s run boosted my confidence level.

I went of over the 40 mile marker this week. My total mileage this week 43.4.

Halfway through the training at this point. Next week I throttle back just a bit. Than I ratchet it back up the following week. Many miles to go and I am looking forward to it.

Keep smiling and please be sure to look to the right prior to making a right turn. You never know when a runner might just pop up in front of you.


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