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September 17, 2007

23 miles

I did my long run this past Sunday (yesterday, Sept 16). It went well. Here was my week...

After my 21 mile run, I took Monday off. I ran 8 on Tue, 6 each on wed and thur in NYC Central Park, then 8 on Friday. I was really tired and a little sore, so I took Saturday off (but went to the gym and swam). I woke up Sunday and drove the route to put out water. I then ran and was going to do 24 but got my mileage wrong and only ran 23. Not a big deal I guess since I felt pretty good while running. I think I can do the marathon.

So I took today off since sore and legs are tired. I will resume tomorrow.

I ordered Gu and Clif Shots from Amazon. It is a lot cheaper than buying one by one. They work for me. I found that I needed less of them this past Sunday.

I have really started to change my diet. More pasta and carbs. Less fatty foods.

It's weird how some people wave when running. I find that more people, other runnings I mean, wave on the weekends than during the week.

My route, no matter where I go, is very hilly. This is going to help I hope. Its weird but I find it easier on my long runs because it changes the muscles I end up using.

I can't wear my ipod during the MCM, which I am a little worried about. I abosultely need it for my long training runs, but people tell me the excitement of the marathon will keep me entertained.

I am about 5 weeks away and on track.

September 12, 2007

Sept 12

I ran 21.3 miles on Sunday, which is pretty freakin far. It felt good. I went out before the run and hid water along the route, which was key. I also took 4 gel packs to keep up my energy.

I just found out that I am not allowed to have my iPod at the Marine Corp Marathon. Message boards I checked out said that people wear them anyway, but I don't need the distraction of worrying about violating the rules. So I hate to do it, but will probably not listen to music. Not good.

I ran 8 miles on Tue, then 6 this morning. Today, in NYC around Central Park, I ran 6 miles at an 8:13 pace, which is fast for me. I have been consistently in the 8:30-8:45 range in my 6-8 mile runs, and around 9:10 in my long runs. I am concentrating on finishing the marathon this year, and will work on improving my time next year.

I feel pretty good. Legs are a little tired and sore, but breathing is good and endurance seems to be there. I think at this point its a mind game more than a physical challenge.

We'll see.

September 10, 2007

21.5 miles

I ran 21 and a half miles this morning. Crazy. Humans are not meant to run this far.

September 04, 2007

Bloody Shirt

Along the running theme. Long distance running some times results in chaffed body parts. For me, even though I wear dry fit tshirts, sometimes my nips get raw.

So today (Tuesday) I was in NY City for work after the long weekend. I went for a run around Central Park in the evening and walked back to the hotel. Unfortunately I did not get a room at my normal hotel, so the backup is about a mile from the park. I took some money and on the way back I went to Duane Reed for some water and toiletries I needed.

I walked up to the young check out girl all sweaty and with my earphones still on. I put down the stuff and she looks and me and then looked down at my chest.

ďNice!!Ē I thought, all those hours in the gym finally paying off. This chick is checking me out.

She kind of smirked and rang up the items. I paid her, gave her a Dave smile to make her day, then left.

About 10 feet from the store I looked down to admire my own chest and figured out why the girl was looking at me. My right nipple was bleeding. I had a white dry fit tshirt on and the blood made a streak from my chest about 4 inches down my shirt, with the red fading in color the farther it went down, kind of like a red comment in the night sky.

So there I was, sweaty stinky hat, holding a plastic bag with shaving cream and a vitamin water, and my bloody nipple seeping through my shirt. Yep, I was the object of Marisol desire.

I finally conquered Dune Road

Some of you know that I have been training for a marathon in October. I plan running the Marine Corp Marathon in DC and am at the point in my training where I am doing pretty long runs. This past weekend we went to Long Island to visit Pattiís parents in Hampton Bays for Labor Day. I was in NY all week for work and Patti came down mid week with the kids. She met me in NYC on Thursday night, we had a nice dinner, and then we headed out to her parents house.

Anyway, there is this really nice running loop that goes along Montauk Highway, through East Quoge, Quoge, along the famous Dune Road, over a bridge, through Hampton Bays and back home. I never really knew how long it was but two times Iíve tried to run it in the past resulted in my borrowing some kidís cell phone at a beach food shack to call Patti to come and get me. Embarrassing.

So this past Sunday I took some water, had Patti meet me with water, hid some water along the route, took my gel packs, and completed it without stopping. I conquered Dune Road. Yes. I OWN Dune Road.

The distance? 17 miles. Crazy, I know.