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September 25, 2006

A hunting we will go

This weekend my son and I will carry on an annual tradition. This particular tradition has been going on for about 11 or 12 years now. It is one that I look forward to the next one just about the same time that the current one ends.

On Saturday morning the MN duck season opens at 9:00. We will be on the lake by 7:00. The plan is to get our blind set up and then place the decoys strategically in formation just in front of our blind. Once that is done we will get hunkered down in the blind and wait for the appointed time of 9:00.

Should things work out the way we hope our guns will be a blazing right at 9:00. There will be 8 dead ducks lying in and around our decoys by 9:15. The day will be complete.

That scenario is not likely going to happen. Most likely we may get a few shots off at 9:00. If we are lucky we will have two ducks lying in the decoys. Than itís sit and wait. An occasional flock will swing by for a look and if we are paying attention we may get off a shot or two. Once in a will a single comes flying through at mach 1 just to remind us why we are out there. The day will pass by slowly however it will be time well spent.

The following morning the day will start much earlier. We will be out onto the duck pond well before the sun rises. The decoys will not be so strategically positioned on this day. Itís hard to do when itís dark outside. Nonetheless it will give the appearance of ducks on the water. Just as the day before we will get hunkered down in the blind and wait for the official start time, which is Ĺ before sunrise.

As we are waiting for that appointed time we will here what sounds like jet fighters going overhead. That is what the wind sounds like as it goes through the duck's feathers when they are traveling at what seems like mach 1. Occasionally we might catch a glimpse of a silhouette as one goes by. The adrenaline starts flow in anticipation of light and shooting time.

On the second day we will be pretty much done with hunting a few hours after it starts. By then the ducks have found hiding places that only mosquitoes will find. We hope again to have a few ducks or so in the bag.

We will head out of the blind to pick up our approximate 5 dozen decoys, during which time we will reflect on how we did. A few laughs will be heard over some of our missed opportunities and maybe a few boasts of a tough shot. Whatever it is we will leave with more hunting memories that will be shared for several years.

September 15, 2006

Unforgetable Characters

One thing that a 45 minute drive to work and than back home does for a person is give him time to think. I think about all kinds of stuff during my drive. Lately I have been thinking about people who have made an impact on my life.

Iíll start out with my Grandpa Niehaus. There are two notable things that I ganed from my grandfather. The first is a passion for fishing. He loved to fish more than anyone else I have known. Iíll never forget the times we spent together on the lakes. The second is sense of humor. He sure was fun and he loved to tease people with his sense of humor and a few practical jokes.

My father in law Bill also made a big impact on me. I met him when I was 15. It took awhile for him to warm up to me but when that happened he treated me like a son and has ever since. We have hunted and fished together fro many many years now. However his biggest impact on me was his devotion to family. I have certainly tried to emulate that devotion.

Included in the people who made an impact on my life is my brother, Terry. He filled in for my Dad when he was away. It was my brother who would take me hunting and fishing. Terry was always there for me when I needed him to be. He even let me us his cars now and then, a Dodge charge and his Pontiac Ventura. I sure do miss him.

Another person is my sister Mary. Here is a girl that despite adversity has persevered through many difficulties. I admire Mary for making a good life for herself. Her perseverance puts things into a whole different perspective.

And of course my MOM and my WIFE. What can I say; they are the greatest two women a guy could have to turn to.

September 13, 2006

Fall is the Air

The last few days sure have had that Fall feeling to them. The mornings have been cool and crisp and than when the sun goes down it gets a bit chilly. I have noticed a few trees are beginning to turn.

I would say the Fall is probably my most favorite season. The temperatures are very tolerable. Itís the time of the year that hunting is done. Fishing can be very good too. Plain and Simple I can do just about everything I like to do in the fall.

In just over two weeks from now it will be opening day of duck season. That means I will be getting up well before sunrise and trekking out to a lake called Rathouse. My hunting partner, my son, will accompany me just as he has done for about 10 years now. We will spend several hours in the duck boat hoping to be able to shoot a duck or two.

Following duck hunting it will only be a few short weeks to the deer hunting season. Another family tradition that has carried on for many years. Once again we will be getting up well before sunrise. However this time we will head to individual spots to wait for a chance to get an elusive whitetail.

I look forward to yeas from now when my grandchildren will be able to join us in the woods and on the lakes. There will be a lot of stuff for them to learn about the great outdoors. The family tradition will be carried on.

September 08, 2006

Oops wrong again!

Once again the main stream media got it wrong. In their zeal to try and disgrace the Bush administration rather than waiting for all the facts, they had Cheney, Rumsfield and Rove all guilty of leaking Valerie Plameís identity to reporters. Than the truth comes out and low and behold the administration didnít out the (alleged) top secret agent girl.

If you havenít heard a guy by the name of Richard Armitage leaked the identity to the reporters accidentally. Although he worked for the state department he was by no means a Bush supporter. Do you think we are going to see editorials about how rotten Armitage is? Most likely this recent finding will be barely a blip on the nightly news.

I am pretty sure this incident will not stop the media from pursuing more wild goose chases. The media is hell bent on trying to take down our current administration. I find it rather disgusting to say the least.

As long as I am talking about the media, I canít help but comment on ABCís cowering to the Clintionites. The poor poor members of the Clinton gang were concerned that they might be tarnished a little by the ABC 9/11 documentary. We canít have something like that happen can we? The execs at ABC have cowardly gone back to their offices to edit out items that might shed some light on how missteps by Clintonís staff and Clinton himself could have prevented 9/11. And people say there isnít a media bias.

Someday I hope the news media gets back to reporting the news when the facts are known. Reporting on speculation will most likely only result in getting egg on your face. Just ask Dan Rather.

September 01, 2006

Say What

This is a headline that I saw today.

Syria promises to enforce embargo on arms to Hezbollah.

Hereís my analogy headlines

Pliglet is going to enforce an embargo on honey to Winne the Pooh.

Grandpa Tim is going to enforce an embargo on M &Mís to Sean.

I donít think so.